Randy Moss Has Taken His Talents to Ustream


Da Real Otis Moss has been bitten by the electronic interaction bug. Not content with tweeting, Moss this week took to video broadcasting via Ustream, the outfit made famous by Stephon Marbury and Charlie Sheen among others. Moss spent Monday evening and then Tuesday morning (presumably with at least a pee break in between) taking questions from fans about a multitude of topics. “How smelly are your poops?” one Moss fanatic asked the former NFL receiver. That’s one not even Sid Hartman ever thought of.

Amid the silliness a few people managed to sneak in relevant questions about Moss’s future. One fan asked him if he thinks he will ever return to the Vikings. Moss’s reply was a curt: “I doubt that.” At another point, Moss admitted regret over the way things ended in Minnesota. Did he mean the first time or the second time or both times? He also said he regrets the way things ended in New England. One fan warned him not to sign with the Browns because Brad Childress is the OC there now and Moss responded by laughing. Pretty much everyone laughs whenever you mention Childress.

So what do we make of Randy Moss’s sudden transformation from a somewhat guarded and distant figure to a chatty social media butterfly? My theory? He’s feeling a little bit empty without all the adulation and media butt-kissing he used to receive as a player, so he’s looking for a substitute. It must stink being made to feel like you’re the center of the universe for over a decade only to suddenly become just another guy. Sooner or later though, Moss will realize that the filtered adoration he receives via Twitter and Ustream just isn’t the same as the thrill of Sundays and he’ll walk away from it. All washed-up athletes have to come to grips with their careers being over, and some have a harder time than others.

But maybe I’m being too hard on Randy. He does seem to be enjoying himself. And it’s not like he’s hurting anyone with his Ustreaming. There are much worse things he could be doing with his time. Running down meter maids, for instance.

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