Combine Update: Leslie Frazier Pulls the Reins On Adrian Peterson’s Rehab Plans


Adrian Peterson has been throwing out a lot of highly optimistic predictions about his own rehab schedule. According to Peterson he should be running soon, possibly before the end of February. And there’s no question he will be back to full-speed in time for the season opener. Hell, if you go by Adrian, he might be up to full-speed in time for training camp. That’s how much faith AD has in his body’s ability to bounce back from injury.

Eventually someone was going to have to throw cold water on Adrian’s recovery optimism. On Friday Leslie Frazier took this task upon himself, telling the press that in spite of Adrian’s statements he won’t be running until April at the earliest. Yes Adrian has been pushing things in his rehab, as we suspected he might. The Vikings are naturally concerned about this, and want Adrian to dial it back.

Apparently there has already been a little friction between the Vikings and Peterson over the pace of his rehab. Frazier explained, “Early on, [Adrian] wasn’t quite getting it. This is a serious injury. You’ve got to go at the pace they’re telling you to go.”

All this talk about slowing down is no doubt difficult for Adrian to hear. What’s the only speed AD knows? Full speed. Actually I take that back. AD also knows another speed: Beyond Full Speed (capitalized for a reason). If Adrian had an amp it would go past 11. Nigel Tufnel’s mind would be completely blown.

Frazier’s comments no doubt reflect the position of everyone inside the Vikings organization not to mention the vast majority of fans and just anyone who likes watching Adrian Peterson play football. Slow it down AD. You don’t have anything to prove here. We already know you’re a tough SOB and have a work ethic that would make even a Puritan bow down. Just do what the doctors say. And for God’s sake stay off escalators. Those things are scary.

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