Pioneer-Press: Vikings Made a “Competitive” Offer to Pierre Garcon


What do we make of Rick Spielman’s vaunted plan in light of Jeremy Fowler’s report that the Vikings were in on Pierre Garcon? Fowler says that, contrary to Spielman’s protestations of voluntary frugality, the Vikings were one of the last three teams still bidding on Garcon when Washington gave him that utterly stupid $42.5 million/$21.5 million guaranteed contract.

In other words, the Vikings would’ve been perfectly happy to go against their stated principles had Garcon been willing to take less money than what Washington offered. Is everything Rick Spielman says a smokescreen? If he orders cole slaw at a restaurant does he really want cottage cheese?

If I didn’t know better I’d swear the Vikings were a little embarrassed by their current backwater status. Just three years ago they were arguably the sexiest organization in the league, thanks to Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre. Now they’re the Buffalo Bills.

Were I the Vikings I wouldn’t be too sad about missing out on Garcon. He has Bernard Berrian written all over him. But that’s not really the point is it? The point is, every time Rick Spielman makes a statement that’s contradicted by known reality, he looks like a bigger idiot. I guess he didn’t read Tom Powers’ scathing satirical column the other day. Otherwise he’d know to just be quiet.

I want to like you Rick.  Didn’t I give you credit for being honest about the Remi Ayodele thing? Don’t make me regret my tiny investment of faith, Rick. Just admit you wanted Garcon and got out-bid by an insane owner. And don’t talk about the plan anymore. The plan is giving me a headache.

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