Don Banks: Vikings Looking to Make Trade With Browns, Add Third Rd Pick


Just a little tidbit courtesy of Don Banks of This was dropped in the middle of Banks’ mock draft. Banks has the Vikings taking Matt Kalil at 3 – nothing like going out on a limb – but says:

"The Vikings will happily take either Kalil or LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne with their first-round pick, but they’d rather make their selection at No. 4 and pick up an extra third-round pick for their trouble. I just don’t see it happening. If the Browns have Ryan Tannehill fever, they’re hiding it pretty well so far."

Two things about that blurb. One, no way the Vikings take Morris Claiborne #3, so forget about that part. Two, only way this trade happens is if the Browns think the Dolphins might leapfrog them all the way to 3. Otherwise why not just stay at #4 and take Tannehill (if you even want him)? Why cough up any pick if you can sit still and take your guy? Seems to me if the Browns are worried about losing Tannehill, they ought to be willing to give up more than a 3rd rounder. If all Rick Spielman can get is a 3rd rounder…well, people are going to think he didn’t hold out for enough.

If I’m the Browns I’m calling all bluffs on this. I’m staying at 4. I’m betting Tannehill will be there (if I even want Tannehill). I’m betting the Dolphins won’t cough up the picks to move up to 3. I’m keeping my 3rd rounder and telling Spielman to get bent. Easy for me to say when all I’ve got riding on this is a tiny shred of credibility I probably don’t even have to begin with.

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