Caleb King Allegedly Beat a Man For Saying He Looked Like Eddie Murphy


The details are in on Viking running back Caleb King’s arrest, and they are shocking to say the least. Police say King was at a party in Anoka County early Saturday when he attacked a man for mocking him about his resemblance to a celebrity. King allegedly dragged the man out of his car, punched him in the face and threw him to the ground by his head. The victim required 50 stitches to close wounds in his head and according to doctors may have suffered permanent brain damage.

While King sat in jail Sunday morning without bail on third-degree assault charges, his attorney attempted to explain what really happened. According to the lawyer King never threw a punch at his victim and in fact showed “admirable restraint” during the entire incident. But what about the victim’s serious injuries? At least one alleged witness claims the man was intoxicated and hurt his head falling over a chair with no help from King. The same witness says the man hurled racial slurs at King.

This will all get sorted out in court, but I’m sure by that time King will no longer be a member of the Vikings anyway, so it won’t be their problem or our concern. What is of concern is the name of the celebrity King allegedly got so mad about being compared to (yes I’m a jerk). According to web accounts, the alleged victim made fun of King for looking like Eddie Murphy. And that enraged King so much he beat the man nearly to death.

So that’s the world we live in now. A world where being compared to Eddie Murphy is cause to pound a man’s face and throw him to the ground (allegedly), busting his head open and maybe giving him brain damage. I remember when Eddie was the coolest dude on the planet and being compared to him would’ve been a huge compliment. But now? He’s the dude from Norbitt and being compared to him is a massive insult. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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