Vikings Stadium: GOP Unleashes Non-Roofed Plan, Everyone Shoots It Down


The latest development in the Vikings stadium saga is probably not worthy of being called a development at all. But frankly you can say that about most of the “developments” that have come along during this whole affair so, what else is new? Here it is anyway: The Republicans have come forward with a new plan to build an open-air stadium in place of the roofed facility originally put forth. Reportedly, the Vikings have been having secret meetings with the GOP about this new plan. And these secret meetings have Governor Mark Dayton concerned for some reason. I guess because they cut him out of the loop and if by some miracle the plan passes it makes him look like an ineffective doof? That would be reason for concern, yes.

The good news for Dayton is, the plan has no chance of success. Most observers seem to agree on this fact. As they have pointed out, the Vikings would love an open-air stadium, but Dayton and most of the legislature has made it clear that the stadium must have a roof so it can be used year-round. An open-air facility would not fit Dayton’s definition of a People’s Stadium, even though it would make a lot of people – including Zygi Wilf – happy by bringing outdoor football back to Minnesota after a thirty-year absence. And Minneapolis mayor Ryback has also made it clear that his city has no interest in pursing the non-roofed stadium plan.

Something else for people to argue about for a couple minutes, until the whole thing takes another massive turn in another direction. Is it September yet?

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