Introducing FanSided Radio, the Only Podcasting Hub You’ll Ever Need


Ever get tired of reading about sports and just want to sit there listening to some one talk about sports? Sounds crazy I know. But I heard lots of people do this. There are apparently these things called podcasts that are somewhat popular nowadays. Well, it just so happens that the FanSided network now has its very own website dedicated to the fine art of sports podcasting: FanSided Radio. Cool, huh?

So what’s this new site all about? The first name you need to know is John Ackeren. Not only is he the driving force behind the whole FanSided Radio operation, he also hosts the tent-pole show, the aptly-named John Ackeren Show. John’s show is all sports all the time, and runs week nights at 1o ET. But that’s only the beginning of the podcasty goodness to be found on FanSided Radio. There are also shows dedicated to specific teams, sometimes hosted by FanSided network editors. Yanks Go Yard deals with all things Yankees. Then there’s Hog Cast, all about the Arkansas Razorbacks. And there are NFL-related podcasts too like the highly popular AA Radio, which deals with all things Chiefs.

Get my drift here people? You need to check out FanSided Radio. And if you happen to be a diehard Vikings fan who’d be interested in putting together a Viking podcast that would be featured on FanSided Radio alongside all these other fine podcasts…well, just drop me a line at and we can talk about it. I’m willing to volunteer my services as a wacky sidekick as long as I don’t have to eat anything disgusting.

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