Bryant McKinnie Is Out-of-Shape, May Be Cut by Ravens


Shocker of shockers: Bryant McKinnie has let his conditioning lapse and now there are doubts that he will even make the Ravens’ roster this year. McKinnie is so out-of-shape, reports Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun, that coaches are keeping him away from practice so he can focus on conditioning.

This situation is a repeat of last year when McKinnie showed up for Vikings camp overweight and with dangerously high cholesterol levels and was kept away from practice to concentrate on getting his weight down. Ultimately, McKinnie was unable to improve his conditioning to the satisfaction of Vikings brass and was cut. It’s possible McKinnie’s high salary also played a part in his release, but certainly coaches weren’t happy with the work he was putting in, and that was most of why they got rid of him.

To McKinnie’s credit, the experience of being cut by the Vikings did at least jolt him awake a little and he got his weight down enough to be signed by the Baltimore Ravens. He had an okay year with the Ravens but nothing to write home about. Now, as foretold by many, McKinnie has gotten comfy and lapsed into his old habits. It seems only a matter of time before he’s on the street again.

I’ll be curious to see how McKinnie plans on making money once his football career is over. As you may remember, Bryant is currently into a shady loan company to the tune of $4.3 million. Maybe that music company of his will start raking in the big cash. Perhaps he can line up some gigs hosting Vegas parties full of ugly strippers. Possibly there’s a dive bar somewhere that needs a bouncer.

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