5 Teams That Might Make a Trade For Percy Harvin


Percy Harvin wants the Vikings to trade him, possibly because he’s angry about his contract, possibly because he thinks the Vikings stink and he just wants out. Whatever the reasons for Harvin’s trade request, one thing is certain: His chances of actually being traded are almost zero. Even if the Vikings could get a first for him, which they can’t, there’s no way they give up their only true playmaking wide receiver when he’s still so young, even with the migraine issues and the character flaws. That said, here’s a wholly speculative list of teams that might look to make the deal.

1. New York Jets

They just drafted Stephen Hill who could become a terrifying deep threat. Pair him with underneath man Percy Harvin and Mark Sanchez would finally have some weapons to work with. Extra bonus: Percy reunited with his college teammate Tim Tebow. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing at all. I just felt I should mention Tebow.

2. Miami Dolphins

They just signed Ochocinco, so you know they have serious wide receiver problems. Miami is in Florida which is the state Percy Harvin comes from. That makes this a natural fit. Plus, they need more drama for Hard Knocks. How about bringing in a receiver with something of a punk reputation who just forced himself out of one dysfunctional situation and into another? That would make for interesting TV, possibly.

3. Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant and Percy Harvin teamed up? Tony Romo might finally get to the Super Bowl with that combo. Unless he threw a bunch to the other team.

4. New England Patriots

How’s this for a load of speculative internet BS? Rick Spielman calls up Bill Belichick. Ring ring. “Hey Bill it’s Rick Spielman. So I guess you heard about this Percy Harvin situation. You’ve still got that whole on-going thing with Wes Welker as I understand. Well how about we trade our problem for yours? Harvin straight up for Welker. You get a young dynamic guy who you will certainly figure out how to use better than we ever could, and we’ll get a solid #2 receiver who won’t be anywhere near as good in our system as he was in yours but who cares as long as he’s not that punk Harvin. Sound good? Get back to me.”

5. San Francisco 49ers

The Niners have loaded up on receivers this offseason but you know they could always use one more, especially when that one more is better than the receivers they already have. And this would be great for Percy cause he’d get to play at least one year with his buddy Randy Moss. Oh yeah they’re buds. Just ask Brad Childress. Percy tried to fight Childress after he unceremoniously cut Moss in 2010. So they’re tight. Hell, this is probably what Harvin is trying to swing. He’s probably already slipped Trent Baalke’s phone number under Rick Spielman’s door. Sneaky.

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