Adam Caplan: Vikings Probably Not In the Mix for Josh Gordon


Might the Vikings consider using a pick in the upcoming supplemental draft to score themselves an extra wide receiver? That’s been the speculation ever since former Baylor receiver Josh Gordon – a man whose skills are said by some to exceed those of his former teammate Kendall Wright, who went in the first round of this year’s real draft – was declared eligible. Don’t hold your breath for the Vikings to pick him up though. The team did send people to watch Gordon work out, but Adam Caplan says their interest is only minimal:

"There’s no question that the Vikings have one of the worst groups of receivers on paper, but they did spend two fourth-round picks on the position in this year’s NFL Draft. They were at Gordon’s workout, but I don’t see their interest being particularly high—just that they figure to be intrigued by him. And as various NFL executives have told me over the years about Vikings general manager Rick Spielman, he’s big on players with a favorable size and speed ratio—and Gordon has that."

Like Caplan said, the Vikes did go pretty receiver-heavy in this draft, plus they’ve got Jerome Simpson and Stephen Burton set to emerge as big-time targets if you believe the media hype. So the Vikings aren’t really starved for receivers. They might be feeling a little hungry for a receiver, but that won’t be enough to make them use a supplemental draft pick, forcing them to give up a pick in the corresponding round of next year’s draft. Even if the guy is better than Kendall Wright according to some people.

Now if there were a really good DB available, maybe they’d go for it. They’ve drafted and signed a ton of DBs this offseason but I still don’t think they have enough. A receiver? Let’s roll with what we have.

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