Fantasy Football WR Rankings 21-40


21. Miles Austin: I’m big on Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys so it’s no doubt I think Austin will have a big year.

22. Dwayne Bowe: Somebody at WR on that team has to catch passes. As long as Bowe shows up there’s a good chance he puts up another 1000 yard season.

23. Antonio Brown: This Mike Wallace thing is bad for PIT, bad for Big Ben, bad for Mike Wallace, very good for Antonio Brown.

24. DeSean Jackson: He’s still a big time playmaker and he will show up with something to prove after a horrible 2011 campaign.

25. Brandon Lloyd: Every breathing body on New England is a worthwhile fantasy player.

26. Malcom Floyd: Someone on SD has to step it up with Vincent Jackson gone and if Floyd doesn’t step up SD could be in trouble.

27. Pierre Garson: Garson is another guy on a team where some WR has to step up. Might as well be the guy in WAS since they just paid him.

28. Torrey Smith: Probably the best deep threat in the league. Flacco’s got a cannon and this guy’s got some wheels.

29. Randy Moss: The 13 year old kid in me hopes Moss has got one last stealer season in him.

30. Sidney Rice: Could easily be a 1000+ yard 8+ TD season for Rice if he can stay healthy.

31. Reggie Wayne: I expect IND to have a decent year (maybe a 7 win team) and Wayne is still a pretty good WR.

32. Denarius Moore: He had a couple 20+ fantasy point games last year and if he can stay healthy he could do more of the same.

33. Nate Washington: I thought Kenny Brit was going to have a big year until he got busted for being an idiot behind the wheel yet again. Nate was a top 15 receiver last year so he could easily do it again this year.

34. Robert Meachem: Phillip Rivers loves to spread it around and Meachem has the talent to make an impact.

35. Titus Young: Young impressed me last year and I’m a little bit iffy on Calvin Johnson’s health so Young could double his stats from last year.

36. Eric Decker: Decker seems like someone who will want to put in extra time with Peyton and I think Peyton could give Decker an 800 yard, 8 TD season.

37. Steve Johnson: He could be a constant 8 points every week for your team if you’re into consistency.

38. Santonio Holmes: He’s been weirdly unhappy like Harvin was but still hasn’t got over it. He’s the only decent WR the Jets have so they’re going to do everything they can to make him happy.

39. Randall Cobb: My sleeper of the year for WRs. He’s got similar skills to Percy Harvin and has the added benefit of playing in a wide-open offense.

40. Chad Johnson: He seems more comfortable in Miami already than he ever did in New England. He’s got a couple good years left in him and he’s probably the only WR on that team that most people can name.

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