Rick Spielman Smacks Tarvaris Jackson Rumor Meekly Aside


So about the rumor that the Vikings are looking at bringing back Tarvaris Jackson. This appears to be a rumor with legs. As you remember, it started because of a Jason Cole tweet listing several teams as being “interested” in Jackson now that he’s clearly being shopped by Seattle. Cole says he has a good source on the story, which lists the Packers, Dolphins and Chargers as being “interested” in Jackson along with the Vikings. Most people who watch the Vikings think this is a totally insane idea but Cole is too legit to just overlook.

Eventually all this was going to get back to the Vikings via the media. On Wednesday it finally did. A reporter asked Rick Spielman about the rumor, and Spielman didn’t have a lot to say. Judd Zulgad tweeted, “Vikings GM Rick Spielman just told us the Vikings are fine at quarterback when asked if team was interested in Seattle QB Tarvaris Jackson.”

So there you…have it?

Well no, actually you do not have it. If what you’re looking for is an adamant denial of T-Jack interest. That door is still open a crack as far as I’m concerned. So this means I may continue milking the rumor without looking like I’m just milking a rumor. Hey, Spielman didn’t say absolutely, positively no way in this life or any other. He didn’t flip off the reporters and call them idiots. He didn’t refer to Tarvaris as a joke of a quarterback who doesn’t even belong in a rec league. So there.

But seriously though, there’s no way this happens. All due respect to Jason Cole. His source is messing with him or something. Has to be. Tarvaris?

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