Adrian Peterson Says Without Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars’ Offense “Terrible”


I don’t know if this qualifies as bulletin board material or not but it’s definitely somewhat of a diss. Adrian Peterson was talking about his pal Maurice Jones-Drew to the media Thursday and dropped a Charles Barkley on the Jags’ offense. Jones-Drew as we know is unlikely to start Sunday but will probably see third down duty. And what does the Jaguars’ offense look like without MJD? Peterson takes a dim view of their prospects:

I wonder if Peterson said it in a Barkley voice. “The Jaguars are turrible without MJD. Turrible.” All right granted, he’s more sticking up for his friend MJD than he is dissing the Jaguars, but still. Not sure I’d go down that road if I’m Adrian. He needs to remember that he’s also on a team with a questionable offense. The average Jags fan can blast back, “What would the Vikings be without Adrian Peterson?” Their QB is also in his second year and they also don’t know about their receiver corps. From where I’m standing, the Vikes and Jags are pretty much in the same boat.

So if Jacksonville wants to put that on their bulletin board, I guess they can. Let’s not get into that debate about whether teams should need to use disses and slights from opponents to fuel themselves. Maybe they shouldn’t need it, but a lot of them use it anyway. This one is mild as those things go but we’ve seen how guys can blow that sort of thing out of proportion for the sake of their own motivation. It’s kind of sad really, but that’s how pro athletes operate.

Update: Clarification – Adrian Peterson’s actual full quote referred to the state of the Jags’ offense last year. Per Tom Pelissero

But this year’s a different story, of course. They’d be good even without MJD.

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