Christian Ponder Spent the Bye Week Watching Samantha Steele Work


photo credit; Busted Coverage

Christian Ponder doesn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with his lady Samantha Steele. On account of his being a professional football player and her being one of those people who talks about stuff on TV. Their schedules just don’t allow for a lot of actual being in the same place together. But this week the Vikings were off and Christian took advantage. He packed a suitcase and hit the road with Samantha. Because love.

First stop, Virginia. Samantha did her thing on ESPN’s Thursday night coverage of UVA vs. North Carolina, and Christian…put on a cap and hung out. I’m sure he won’t get any flack from his Florida State peeps for wearing Virginia gear. It’s not like those schools are in the same conference or anything. Oh boy.

Next stop on the Christian Ponder REALLY LOVES Samantha Steele Tour: Oregon. Samantha appeared on the weekly lunatic show known as College GameDay (which also featured senile Lee Corso molesting a duck). And Christian…stood there watching. In a hoodie. That is devotion right there. Or something.

photo credit: Busted Coverage

So what do we think about this? Is it sweet or actually a little bit weird? When you think about it, he was basically hanging out with her at work. That would be like, if you were a dentist and your boyfriend had a week off, and he spent the week chilling in the office while you worked on people’s teeth. That would be strange, right? You’d probably kick him out after a couple hours. But yes, Christian and Sam are in a different situation. They travel a lot for work. They don’t get to see each other. So it’s cute. Maybe Sam can come watch Christian practice some day when she has a week off.

Man, I’m glad the bye week is over. Back to actual football.

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