No Pressure, No Victory


Nov 11, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall (15) reacts after a play against the Houston Texans during the second half at Soldier Field. The Houston Texans defeat the Chicago Bears 13-6. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE

The Minnesota Vikings will have their hands full with Jay Cutler and all his fancy weapons. First, we have the speed demon Devin Hester. Personally, I want to see Josh Robinson shut down Hester. Robinson has the speed to keep with Hester and is aggressive when attacking the ball. Next is Matt Forte. Forte has not been as productive this season because of the presence of Michael Bush, however, that doesn’t make him any less dangerous with the football. Forte is really a threat in the screen game. This is where the Vikings D-line will need to sniff out these plays and get in position to break it up. We all know that the key to stopping the Bears Offense is to take away the first person to touch the ball, Jay Cutler. The Bears offensive line has been just that, offensive. Cutler was injured in week 10 with a concussion because that line could not protect him. He stepped up as the pocket collapsed and was met with a helmet right under the chin. Cutler is better on the run than he gets credit for because he has to be. Cutler has been sacked 28 times this season. Enter Jared Allen. Allen is poised to have a great game going up against the very weak Bears O-line. It is often said that football games are won in the trenches and this may be one of those games for the Vikings. Getting pressure on Cutler will be key to a Vikings win. As I said, Cutler is pretty accurate on the run and the Vikings secondary will need to stay glued to their man for extended periods of time. That is where this team is dangerous. When Cutler and Brandon Marshall free style and find open space. Containment of Cutler is crucial. They must not let him escape the pocket when it breaks down. The Vikings are here, crunch time, how will they respond to the pressure of playoff aspirations? We will find out soon enough.