Let’s Remember a Great Moment In Vikings-Rams History…


Lots of reminiscing about past Vikings-Rams games on this morning’s Sunday Sermons with Dan Barreiro. Of course when you talk Vikings-Rams you must bring up that playoff debacle in 1999. It was a showdown of two great offenses. The loaded Vikings unit led by QB Jeff George vs. the Greatest Show on Turf and their QB Kurt Warner. The Rams took it to the Vikings that particular day, running up a 49-17 lead at one point in the second half. The Vikes scored some garbage-time points to make it look better but in truth it was a total mauling by the Rams. The Vikings never had a shot against Mike Martz’s offensive machine.

There is of course one moment from that game that stands out above all others in Vikings lore. And it has nothing to do with the play on the field. It’s a Randy Moss moment. Some would say a definitive Randy Moss moment. Maybe not as big as the infamous mooning incident or the bizarre impromptu press conference after the Patriots game. Or Tinuccigate. But it’s up there. You old timers will remember it vividly. Randy was upset with one of the officials, so he took a water bottle and squirted him. That earned Moss a nice fine. I figured that moment deserved to be immortalized in GIF form. So here it is. Cherish this moment forever, internet.

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