File this under "completely unverified rumors." Sunday on a Dolphins site, a po..."/> File this under "completely unverified rumors." Sunday on a Dolphins site, a po..."/>

Are the Vikings Set to Unveil New “Retro-Looking” Uniforms?


File this under “completely unverified rumors.” Sunday on a Dolphins site, a post was published about the alleged new Dolphins’ logo. The blogger’s source on this story was a friend of his who works for Nike and has seen some new logo and uniform designs. Most of the way down the post the writer drops in a line from his friend about the new uniforms for another NFL team. Quoting in full:

"Other bits of information I got from my source is that the Dolphins will not have an orange jersey next year and that the Vikings new uniforms are retro and “awesome.”"

Again, this is from a random blog. And the source is some guy’s “friend” who works for Nike. So maybe this is legit, maybe not. If it is legit, I think it’s great news. The Vikings’ current uniforms are hideous and it would be cool to see them move to something more classic. As long as they don’t mess with the horns. The horns can’t be touched. If they ever get rid of the horns, I’ll become a Packer fan. Well okay that’s exaggerating. I’ll just stop watching football entirely. Or become a Lions fan, which is the same thing.

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