Jay Glazer: Viking Players Still Don’t Know Who Will Start at QB


Five hours to game time and all the talk is about Christian Ponder and his bum elbow. Moments ago Tom Pelissero reported that Ponder’s “bruised” elbow was actually a recurrence of chronic bursitis and that Ponder may need fluid drained from the joint. Pelissero also said that the Vikings plan to look at Ponder an hour before game time and assess where he’s at. But, Pelissero assured, there is nothing to indicate that Ponder won’t be the starting QB tonight when the game kicks off.

So everything’s fine as far as we know, right? Well not so fast. A national media big knocker has checked in and he has slightly alarming information. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports now says this via tweet: “Odd situation in Vikings players and QBs haven’t been told if Webb or Ponder starts. Webb took all first-team reps but team says Ponder goes.”

Now we have an interesting situation. On the one hand, the team is making it seem as though Ponder is definitely starting. Pelissero says there’s no reason not to think Ponder won’t start. But here comes Glazer saying the players themselves still don’t know who the QB is for tonight. We are getting mixed signals to say the least.

My best guess is still that Ponder will start. But I’m less certain than I was about an hour ago. Glazer is a big-time insider and if he thinks something smells “odd,” there’s reason for us to be at least a little concerned.

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