10 Most Depressing GIFs From the Vikings’ Playoff Beatdown In Green Bay

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The Lameness at Lambeau. That’s what I’m calling last Saturday’s debacle. That’s the least-profane nickname I could come up with. What a mess that was. Total domination by the Packers. And along the way the Vikings found plenty of creative ways to shoot themselves in the foot. Misery from start to finish.

I don’t know about you but when I’m miserable, there’s nothing better than a good wallow. Let’s have ourselves a nice group wallow right now. And if you’re one of those endlessly upbeat people who doesn’t like wallowing? Maybe just go somewhere else. For the rest of you, let’s enjoy 10 depressing GIFs that sum up Saturday’s meltdown. Presented in chronological order…

1. Joe Webb Goes Donovan McNabb On It

For a minute it was like, “Hey the Vikings are really moving the ball. The Packers are all confused by the read-option. Joe Webb is going to lead the Vikings to an unlikely victory!” And then McNabb-Webb tried to hit Michael Jenkins over the middle on third down and it was like, “Oh yeah. Joe Webb. Crap.”