Rick Spielman Predictably Skirts the Percy Harvin Issue


Nov 4, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin (12) prior to the game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Minnesota 30-20. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve seen lots of headlines on this the last couple days. “Rick Spielman says Vikings have no issues with Percy Harvin.” That’s pretty much what they all say. That’s the takeaway from Spielman’s comments on Harvin at Thursday’s press get-together. The full quote from Spielman was, “Percy comes to work every day. Everybody sees what Percy puts on the field. He plays the game as hard or harder than anyone else in the NFL, the effort that he puts up out there. So, we have no issues with Percy Harvin.”

But really what else is Spielman going to say? He’s not going to slam Percy Harvin. Or even come close to slamming Percy Harvin. There’s nothing to be gained by slamming Percy. If you are trying to patch it up with Percy, slamming him will only hinder that process. If you’re looking to trade Percy, slamming him will only signal to other teams that the stories about his bad attitude are accurate.

The bad attitude is the issue here. Not his work ethic. Not his toughness. Not his talent. Spielman makes it about those things in his comments. He reminds us how hard Percy works. How he leaves it all on the field. He’s not only reminding us of these facts, he’s reminding any potential trade partners.

Yes, the great offseason smoke-blowing campaign has begun. Every front office person and coach from every team will be engaged in this from now until the start of camp. So much smoke will be blown by these guys, you won’t be able to find your way through it with a lantern. It will look like you’re caught inside the ash plume from Mount St. Helens.

And what’s the actual truth? How do the Vikings really feel about Harvin? We’ll find out as the offseason plays out. Actions speak louder than words. If they trade him, we’ll know they did have an issue. If they sign him to a new extension, we’ll know there was no issue. If they let him come back without a new contract…that could be the most intriguing scenario of all.

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