The Vikings Almost Surely Do Not Have Interest In Donald Driver


Jan 5, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver (80) prior to the NFC Wild Card playoff game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Goofy rumors frequently hit the net about this or that team being interested in this or that player. Like yesterday. There was this silly thing about the Vikings having interest in Packers wide receiver Donald Driver. An absurd idea on the face of it…but for some reason people elected to give it credence. And a few weirdos even expressed excitement about the notion.

Let me address these weirdos up front. Hey guys. Did you know Donald Driver is completely and totally washed-up? Over-the-hill. Done. Finished. Like, there’s a reason he couldn’t get on the field at all for Green Bay last year. In a couple days Driver will be 38. And he’s coming off a season where he did almost nothing. But he used to be good – like five years ago. And he played for the Packers. And we love taking players from the Packers so they can be good for us and stick it to the Packers. Is that about right?

I’m sure “sticking it to the Packers” potential is very high on Rick Spielman’s checklist when it comes to free agent attributes. Age and washed-upness are also important. So yes. Driver is perfect. He’s old, he’s had it, and it would be a great laugh if he played against the Packers and totally burned them.

To be serious for a second. Let’s ask where this rumor even comes from. Well, several media people including Dan Barreiro-guest A.P. Sports Guy (I can’t spell his last name so forget it) pointed it out yesterday. The rumor originated at a Green Bay TV station that has a tight relationship with Donald Driver. So put it together. Driver is trying to drum up interest around the league, hoping to catch on for one last year. He has his pals at the TV station float the rumor. Now it’s out there. And now I guess Driver waits for the contract offers to roll in? Don’t get your hopes up Donald.

I personally don’t understand how this whole thing works. What good does a fake rumor do anyway? Teams either want your or they don’t want you. But guys do this stuff. They see some benefit in having their names out there. “Don’t forget about me NFL! I’m still here!”

I don’t know, maybe some team would see reason to take a flier on Driver. I just don’t believe the Vikings are that team. He doesn’t really fit the free agent profile. Okay he’s cheap. But that’s about it. He’s not young and he doesn’t have upside. You want this receiver corps to get better? Add young guys with potential. Don’t waste precious roster spots on guys like Donald Driver. Sticking it to the Packers isn’t that important. Winning enough games to make the playoffs and then winning games in the playoffs. That’s what matters. Big picture.

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