Dansby possible answer for Vikings MLB questions?


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As I begin day 2 of the Jennings steakout, I was thinking about some other needs the vikings need to fill. Two glaring holes i see in the defense are at MLB and defensive tackle. I keep hearing laughable rumors of  Urlacher filling the void at MLB, but seriously, that guy is done. If he wasn’t I think Chicago would have him back in a heartbeat, so the fact that they aren’t pursuing him at all tells me all i need to know about that. In my opinion Karlos Dansby is the best MLB on the free agent market. He may be on the wrong side of 30, but remains  very productive, logging 134 tackles, a career high. He’s not a guy that will get you a bunch of sacks or INT’s but he is more than solid against the run and is a good general for the defense. I think it would be a great move by the Vikes. Now as I look back on Kevin Williams last few years all I can see is decline. Ever since the other half of the Williams wall retired, and he could no longer take his star caps Kevin just hasn’t been that productive. This makes me wonder why they didn’t cut him instead of  Winfield. I think it would be best to address this need through the draft, seeing how deep the prospects are at this position.The guy who I like most is Sylvester Williams out of North Carolina. A versatile pass rushing DT that would fit into the Vikings 4-3 scheme real nicely Just some random food for thought as we wait on this Jennings thing to come to fruition.

Jordan Nadel