Vikings reportedly interested in trading up in the 1st round


Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, It’s unofficially official. The Minnesota Vikings are actively pursuing a deal that would allow them a selection in the top half of the first round in this Thursdays draft. Now throughout these past few weeks, while I was going over all the different scenarios that could take place before they make their first choice, this is the one I most wanted to see come to fruition. I also figured there was pretty much no chance the Vikings would try to move up, i guess that just really didn’t strike me as a Speilman type of move. That is until i heard a guy on TV say it. That’s right, NFL Networks own Ian Rapoport says the Vikes are indeed trying to move up with hopes of targeting either  WR Tavon Austin, or WR Corrdarelle Patterson, both of whom have the potential to add instant explosion in the pass game. It’s also reported that the Vikings would like to hold on to their 25th pick while doing so. While I would obviously be more than pleased to see either one of these guys in purple come Thursday, I wouldn’t even target a WR if this were Jordan’s world. No, i would have only one player in mind if  I pulled the trigger on a blockbuster deal involving, lets say,  the 23rd over all this year, a 3rd rounder this year, and an additional mid-rounder in 2014. That player is Dee Milliner, CB,  Alabama. That’s right. Now I know corner isn’t the most pressing need for the team, but I think this kid is by far the most promising and exciting player in this years draft, and also the best DB I can remember coming out of college in recent years. I think the kids got all the talent of  a Darelle Revis, but the size of a Richard Sherman. This kid is pretty much a lock to go in the top 5 , and I doubt the Vikes will get anywhere near that high, but like I said, this is Jordan’s world. Now back in real life I guess we just wait and see where the cards fall, but no matter what I know I am very excited to see what Speilman and Co. have in store for us on Thursday.


Jordan Nadel