My 2 cents on the pouting punters release


Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

I tried to stay out of this one, I really did.

He’s a PUNTER for Pete’s sake! Who cares???

I figured the man had been through enough this week, and it would be classless of me to kick him while he’s down, that was until I started hearing reports of Kluwe hinting that maybe he was cut because of stance on gay marriage, and then it became pretty obvious that “class” went out the window when it comes to anything involving Chris Kluwe.

Now anybody that knows me knows I’m pretty vocal about my political beliefs, I am also aware that this is not the proper venue for me to display that side of me so I will do my best to refrain. I may have a difficult time given the fact that Kluwe and those in his camp have politicized what would normally would never be given a second thought… a punter’s release.

I also want it to be known that a few weeks ago I got into a pretty heated argument with the former Vikings punter over Twitter, so my ability to be completely objective about the situation is in question.

Now, here’s what I see. I see a punter who, a few years ago, was among the leagues best. Recently though, this punter has been on the decline. This punter actually ranked 22nd overall in the NFL last season. Not great…In fact, Kluwe finished 2012 ranked No. 31 (that’s REAL bad) among NFL punters the most important statistic for a punter: PUNTS DOWNED INSIDE THE 20. Of Kluwe’s 72 punts, 18 settled in what the league considers poor field position. By comparison, the Chicago Bears’ Adam Podlesh nearly doubled Kluwe’s total among his 81 punts. Podlesh finished with 34, while Green Bay Packers punter Tim Masthay had 30 in 70 punts.

This punter that ranks in the bottom 33% of the league yet commands one of the highest salaries for punters in the league at nearly $1.5m.  This punters $1.5m salary goes against the cap of a team that has a lot of big name contracts they need to address, as well as 3 first round draft picks they need to sign.

This 31 year old punter has played 8 years with a team who’s whole philosophy for success revolves around getting younger. The same team that,  just last year, cut Pro-Bowl caliber PK Ryan Longwell (who was in no way an activist)  in favor of an unproven rookie, Blair Walsh.

Now you take all that into consideration, and somehow these nutcase reporters at Yahoo! sports come to the conclusion that he was cut because “gay-marriage talk is not tolerable in NFL“??? Are you serious? These are “legitimate” journalists reporting this crap?

Now, I dont want anyone to think that I am anti-gay, or dont think they deserve equality. The reason I got upset with Kluwe is because he would preach equality and tolerance yet in his tweets would actually label those who disagreed with him as “bigots” and “idiots” and say he hopes some of them”DIE tonight”, and obviously these reporters feel that if someone is outspoken on a cause they pretend to care about so they can be accepted by all the politically correct left leaning robot reporters they surround themselves with, you aren’t allowed to fire them, doesn’t matter if they suck at their job,  If you do you will have to face wild, unfounded allegations. It’s flat out COWARDLY!

What would happen if an aging, high salary player who was very outspoken in favor of traditional marriage and Christian beliefs was cut after a sub-par season? Nothing.

Like I said, I really didn’t want to comment on any of this. That was until I saw the raging hypocrisy started to surface. Please see it for what it is people. Hypocrisy and Cowardess.

Please remember this is ripping the reporters, and the COWARDLY coverage thats being given to this story, while i may have disagreed with some of Kluwe’s statements and methods, I will not hesitate to give him props for being one of the best punters, and most colorful players the league has seen in awhile, and I hope he has continued success in the NFL.

I hope the Vikings stay silent on the subject and don’t try to appease this group of cowards with some made up PC nonsense statement, just let it blow over because the vast majority of people don’t care.

If your still reading thank you! I cant wait to hear the comments I get on this one.


-Jordan Nadel