Percy Harvin Says He Had No Problem With Christian Ponder


May 20, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) participates in organized team activities at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin is gone from Minnesota but questions about his occasionally tumultuous time with the Vikings are still dogging him. Mostly people want to know about Percy’s relationship with Christian Ponder. Did he really hate Ponder as much as it seemed? Or was that all blown out of proportion by the media?

Harvin claims he did not hate his quarterback in Minnesota and says all stories to the contrary are just media hype. Jim Rome asked him about it and Harvin said, “That was false. Me and Christian had a great time together. I respect him a whole heck of a lot.

“I never had a problem with him. I’ve never stated I had a problem with him. I’ve never seen a problem he’s had with me. [We were] on the same page. It’s just a lot of articles that tried to pick up on things that weren’t there.”

These negative articles cited sources within the Vikings claiming Harvin was a giant headache who disliked playing with a sub-par QB in Ponder. So either those sources were lying then or Harvin is now lying.

Really what this boils down to is a battle of words between the Vikings and Harvin. Cause those bad stories about Harvin definitely were coming from the Vikings. And they were put out there for a definite purpose. They were put out there so the fans would be sold on the trade. The team wanted the fans to perceive Harvin as a bad apple who had to go for the good of the team and especially Ponder.

Now Harvin is in a new place but the stuff about his bad attitude is still out there for Seattle fans to read. So what should he do? He really has no choice but to deny everything. Claim it was all media fabrication. Say it was all good between him and Ponder when everyone knows it was not all good.

The Vikings played their spin game and now Harvin is playing his. We know the truth. Harvin did dislike Ponder, maybe not personally but as a player. And now he’s over-the-rainbow happy to be in Seattle with Russell Wilson. And Ponder? I imagine he’s pretty relieved to no longer have Harvin storming around. Looks like everyone wins in this deal. Mostly Seattle.

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