Jeff George is Mentoring Christian Ponder


A familiar face is haunting Winter Park these days. Remember Jeff George? Viking fans who watched the team in the late ‘90s will remember him well. He became the starter in ’99 after Randall Cunningham stank it up and led the Vikes on an improbable playoff run that ended abruptly at the hands of Kurt Warner and the Rams.

And it turns out that was the end of George’s run in Minnesota. He was not brought back for 2000, much to the chagrin of Cris Carter and Randy Moss, both of whom openly lobbied Dennis Green to retain the big-armed QB. But Green wanted to go with his own draft pick Daunte Culpepper. Thus ended the George era in Minnesota.

So why is Jeff George now back at Winter Park? Is he trying out as a quarterback? Actually no. He is reportedly at the Vikings facility as a mentor for Christian Ponder. Jeff George teaching Christian Ponder the ins-and-outs of quarterbacking? Am I the only one who finds this weird?

I mean no offense but when I think “Christian Ponder” I do not immediately think “Jeff George.” In fact I think “opposite of Jeff George.” Ponder – and I know the Pondermaniacs don’t want to hear this but it’s the truth – doesn’t exactly have that kind of arm strength.

So what could George possibly be teaching Ponder? Footwork? Let’s hope he’s not helping Ponder on the mental part of the game. Cause that’s the area where George struggled most. For those of not old enough to recall him…just think Jay Cutler but even more of a jerk-off. George openly fought with his coaches on the sidelines for gosh sakes.

Here’s another question I have about this mentoring thing. I thought part of the reason they got rid of Sage Rosenfels last year was that they didn’t think Ponder needed a veteran QB mentor on the team. Now they’re bringing in old guys specifically to mentor Ponder? So he does need a mentor. So they were wrong to get rid of Sage Rosenfels?

Just another weird day in Viking Land.

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