Greg Jennings Tweaks Packer Fans With Aaron Rodgers Remarks


May 29, 2013; Eden Prairie, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings (15) smiles during drills at organized team activities at Winter Park. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Jennings is doing a great job of ingratiating himself with his new fanbase in Minnesota. It’s not that hard to do really. Just make fun of the Packers and Viking fans will love you.

Jennings has that routine down. He tweaked Packer fans big time by taking a shot at Aaron Rodgers, referring to Rodgers as “that guy they have now” in an interview. And saying if he had to pick one or the other he would choose Brett Favre over That Guy They Have Now.

Jennings also got in some kind words for his current quarterback Christian Ponder in the same interview, saying:

"When you talk about comparing quarterbacks, it’s hard to compare guys. I’ll take Brett. He did it for so long. I got there in a period of time where Brett already was there (as an elite quarterback). Then the guy they have now, he sat behind Brett and he learned so much. Christian didn’t really have that opportunity. He had to jump in. The way you compare them has to be a little different. The guy they have now (Rodgers) was (essentially) a veteran rookie. It’s a little different, but Christian has tremendous upside. I think what I see now is a quarterback who’s maturing and who’s growing and wanting to learn and grow, which is huge."

Naturally these remarks caused Packer fans to lose their ish. Because Packer fans as we know are the most insanely oversensitive fans in all of sports. They basically all hate Jennings’ guts now. They hated him for leaving Green Bay even though the Packers did not make a serious attempt to re-sign him. A completely deranged attitude if you ask me. And now he’s tweaking them and making them even more angry.

Of course Jennings knows exactly what he is doing. He knows how touchy Packer fans are. And you know what? I don’t blame Jennings one bit for poking those people. The way they treated him on Twitter and elsewhere after he left? The homophobic slurs and other angry remarks? They deserve to be tweaked. But Jennings has a sense of humor so he does it in a fun way. He doesn’t have to resort to calling people vile names.

And what does Aaron Rodgers think of Jennings’ alleged slight? Trust me, Rodgers is not offended. In fact I bet Rodgers and Jennings are having a great laugh over the whole thing in private. Rodgers knows what the fans are like too. He would never admit it but he’s probably rooting Jennings on. Packer fans have no idea how absurd they look when they overreact to silly stuff that is just guys having fun.

Lighten up Packer fans. Oh and by the way, there are these things called showers now. Maybe you haven’t heard of this wondrous new invention that helps you not smell like you slept under a cow?

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