Golden Tate Poses With “Fail Mary” Referee Lance Easley


This picture…this picture is pretty funny. That there on the left is Seahawks receiver Golden Tate. And that there on the right is former replacement ref Lance Easley. Yes the same Lance Easley who called touchdown on the Fail Mary play, the infamous blown call (or not-blown-call depending on how well your eyes work) that cost the Packers a victory and ultimately embarrassed the NFL into settling with the real officials, ending the whole replacement ref fiasco.

The question we are all asking: What the heck is Golden Tate doing hanging out with Lance Easley? The picture was actually taken at a charity softball game featuring many Seahawks players. Okay so what the heck was Easley doing at a Seahawks charity softball game? Turns out Easley has written a book about his short tenure as an NFL official. So he’s out there getting the word out. And taunting Packer fans.

This picture surfaced Sunday night on Twitter and, needless to say, Packer Nation was not thrilled. Packer fans getting bent out of shape about something that was just harmless fun? Yeah that never happens.

Count on Packer fans to make way too big a deal out of a slight diss. For people who are always bragging about their number of championships, that fanbase sure is insecure. The drinking must have burned up all the brain cells related to having a sense of humor. Yeah. That’s it.

Oh and Lance Easley? A book? Really? Please tell me people aren’t going to buy that thing. This is worse than when Snooki wrote a book.

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