Has Fred Smoot Become Loveable?


Sep 15, 2011; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs former player Fred Smoot attends the game against Louisiana State Tigers during the second half at Davis Wade Stadium. Louisiana State defeat Mississippi State 19-6. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know what it is but I suddenly love Fred Smoot. Okay maybe not “love.” That might be a tad too strong. But I definitely am starting to like the guy. How can you not like a guy willing to say such vicious things about people? Especially when the target of said remarks is someone as insufferable as Emmitt Smith.

Fred Smoot recently attacked Smith in a completely bizarre and unprovoked fashion. Smoot uttered:

"Nobody that meets Emmitt Smith likes Emmitt Smith. Have you ever heard anybody say, hey man, I met that Emmitt Smith and I really love him?  Nobody likes Emmitt Smith.  I don’t know if he’s just a jerk because he’s a Cowboy.  I don’t know.  He be rubbing people the wrong way."

Wow. That is pretty strong. Pretty impressive show of hatred from Smoot. I have to say, this makes me feel much more positive toward Smoot. Is it possible this guy could be turning into the NFL’s own version of Charles Barkley?

Barkley is known for his honesty. Smoot is also honest as he showed by his Smith remark. And then there was the stuff he said about Love Boat. Running through the okra patch? Okay that might have been a little too much honesty.

Overly-vivid metaphors aside, Smoot is beginning to grow on me. I hope he keeps opening his mouth and saying crazy stuff. Of course I will never forgive him for being flat-out terrible as a Vikings cornerback. What a turd he was.

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