Chris Johnson Believes He is Better Than Adrian Peterson


Nov 11, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson (28) runs past Miami Dolphins defenders for a touchdown in the first quarter at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, remember Chris Johnson? Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson? The guy who ran for 2,000 yards a couple years ago before dropping almost completely off the map as an NFL player?

Yeah THAT Chris Johnson. That guy is still around and apparently he is feeling very very neglected. What’s a man to do when his performance on the field is no longer enough to generate headlines? He’s got to run his mouth, of course.

And that’s exactly what Chris Johnson is doing. He is running his mouth. About Adrian Peterson. Check out what Johnson told Pete Prisco about Peterson and the 2,000 yard milestone. It’s pretty funny:

"I did it first. Not one time did I sit back and say he did something that I can’t do. I did it first. He’s a great back. But I can’t sit here and stay out of my own mouth that Adrian Peterson is better than me. All the things he’s done, I’ve done the same things. I did them first."

Yeah, you’re right Chris. You DID run for 2,000 yards before Adrian Peterson. You know who else ran for 2,000 yards before Peterson? O.J. Simpson. So I guess that means O.J. Simpson is as good as Adrian Peterson? Even though he’s an old man currently rotting away in prison?

Okay you’re right. It’s not fair to pick on Chris Johnson. He obviously doesn’t know how logic works. He’s obviously bitter about the fact that he is now little more than an afterthought. Don’t let it get you down Chris. Not everyone gets to be a future Hall of Famer like Adrian Peterson.

Hey, you still have that fluke 2,000-yard season on your resume. They can never take that away from you Chris. Oh by the way, did you ever run for 2,000 yards a year after having your knee completely destroyed? No. Didn’t think so.

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