Greg Jennings is Still Talking About Aaron Rodgers


Jul 27, 2013; Mankato, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings (15) laughs with athletic trainer Eric Sugarman as running back Adrian Peterson (28) watches in between drills at training camp at Blakeslee Fields. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks of jabbing at his former team the Packers and his former QB Aaron Rodgers, new Vikings receiver Greg Jennings was finally told by his head coach Leslie Frazier to zip his lip and just go to work.

I found the jabbing sort of funny but at the same time I get Frazier’s point. Offseason stuff is all fun-and-games but now it’s training camp time. It’s time to get down to work and put away all the distracting public back-and-forth.

Plus the talking was beginning to make Jennings sort of look bad. At the start it was like, “Jennings sure does like messing with his boys in Green Bay.” And then it was like, “Dang is Jennings obsessed or something? I’m starting to wonder about this guy.”

So probably best to just stop talking about Aaron Rodgers. Right Greg? Right?


Okay so this time it was actually sort of an apology. Jennings said, “I don’t really recall saying anything negative about Aaron or anyone over there, but hey, I apologize.”.

All fine and good I guess. But wasn’t Greg just supposed to shut up about the whole thing? Just let it go once and for all?

Maybe Frazier gave him permission to make one last statement. An apology and an explanation. And now that’s out and NOW Jennings will let it go.

In fact, now Jennings has no choice but to let it go. If he keeps going at it after apologizing? He will just look like a deranged wack-job.

Look Greg, we get it. It was traumatic to be wrenched away from the organization that made you an NFL star. Like leaving home for the first time. All of a sudden you’re out in the big bad world and you’re scared and a little lost and hurt.

But guess what? Life goes on. There are greener pastures beyond Green Bay. Greener pastures that are actually purple. Forget about the old fans and the old teammates now and embrace the new. Embrace Christian Ponder. Embrace your role as mentor to Cordarrelle Patterson. Embrace your new fans who are ready to root you on.

And when Packer week rolls around? Go out there and stick it to the Cheeseheads the way your old buddy Brett Favre did. ON THE FIELD. That’s the way to go from now on Greg. Let your play do your talking.

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