Vikings Ticket Prices Amongst Lowest In League for Final Year at Metrodome


The Minnesota Vikings will have seven home games this season at the Metrodome and unless they host a playoff game or two, they will be the last seven Vikings games to ever be played at the Metrodome.  While fans will certainly cheer the arrival of the new stadium (planned for 2016,) there will be ample opportunity to grab some tickets this season on the cheap and check out the Metrodome one last time.

Below is a full breakdown of the Vikings home schedule with average ticket price and get-in price for each individual game.

Sunday, September 22nd vs. Cleveland – Avg. Price: $101, Get-in: $16

The Vikings begin the season on the road for two weeks before opening at home in Week 3 against the Browns.  The average ticket price is barely above $100 and the get-in-the-door price is only $16, amongst the lowest ticket prices available for a home opener this season.

Sunday, September 29th vs. Pittsburgh – Avg. Price: $361, Get-in: $185

The NFL’s attempt to place a franchise in London is certainly not far off as the games across the pond increase every year.  There will be two this year, including Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota on September 29th (San Francisco vs. Jacksonville is the other.)  This game is slightly more expensive than the other London matchup with an average price $15 higher and a get-in price $39 higher.

Sunday, October 13th vs. Carolina – Avg. Price: $97, Get-in: $11

When Cam Newton rolls into town, both the average ticket price and get-in price are the cheapest for any Vikings home game this season.  This is only the second game in Minneapolis for the Vikings and it takes place in Week 6 so perhaps ticket prices will rise a bit if the Vikings can get hot in the first four weeks of the season before their Week 5 bye.

Sunday, October 27th vs. Green Bay – Avg. Price: $214, Get-in: $104

The most expensive game at the Metrodome this year with a get-in price north of nine times more expensive than the cheapest get-in ticket two weeks earlier against Carolina.  The Packers always drive ticket prices up and this year will be no exception as Jennings faces his former team for the first time before returning to Lambeau a few weeks later.

Thursday, November 7th vs. Washington – Avg. Price: $122, Get-in: $35

RGIII will visit the Metrodome this year on a Thursday night for a game televised on the NFL Network.  This game could have serious playoff implications and if Griffin continues his otherworldly football contributions, Vikings fans could be in for an entertaining game for only $35.

Sunday, December 1st vs. Chicago – Avg. Price: $149, Get-in: $45

Sunday, December 15th vs. Philadelphia – Avg. Price: $118, Get-in: $30

Chip Kelly will have the honor of coaching the opposing team in the penultimate regular season football game played at the Metrodome.  Tickets begin at only $30 with an average ticket price of $118 so this is the third cheapest game this season, trailing only the home opener against Cleveland and the third home game of the year against Carolina.

Sunday, December 29th vs. Detroit – Avg. Price: $136, Get-in: $39

This is potentially the final Vikings football game at the Metrodome.  At only $39, it won’t cost Vikings fans much to enter the stadium one last time and cheer on the purple and yellow home team.  That being said, prices generally tend to increase for the final games at arenas or stadiums, so look for this ticket price to gradually go up over the course of the season.  And if this game has any playoff implications whatsoever, the cheapest tickets could enter the $60-75 range very easily.