Vikings Play Calling A Huge Question Mark Heading Into Week Two


Week one was bad.

O-line and D-line were bad, Linebackers were awful, and the Ponder haters are foaming at the mouth, and as bad as all of that was I would have to say the worst part of the Vikings game was the play calling of both Williams, and Musgrave. Not once did I see any kind of exotic blitz packages executed in an effort to get Stafford out of his comfort zone, it was just a very generic cover two base the whole time while only rushing the four down linemen. Maybe this is due to the weak presence they had at linebacker they just dont feel comfortable with Henderson calling anything other than these vanilla preseason-like plays.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever is happening with the defensive play calling is nothing compared to the bone-head plays we saw Bill Musgrave call yet again. He was as predictable as ever, and when he did try to get creative, he thought it was a good idea to call plays that rolled Ponder out to his left. Maybe he feels comfortable doing this because of that super accurate rocket of a right arm Christian possesses. Seriously though, can anyone tell me why Cordarrele Patterson was only in the game on one offensive series? Or why they dont try running some some creative screen plays to the best back in the NFL? I’m not sure if this falls more on Musgrave or Ponder but why aren’t they getting the stud, Pro-Bowl tight end they have involved a whole lot more?

Yes, Jerome Simpson and Harry Smith were big bright spots, but the rest of the team needs to step it up in a hurry, and I think that needs to start with the coaches, because with plays like they called last week you can’t expect to win any games.

Here’s hoping we see a whole new team come Sunday!


Jordan Nadel