Vikings Give Nonsensical Statement On Josh Freeman Signing


You’re going to have to help me out with this one cause I can’t make heads or tails of it. Josina Anderson of ESPN got a statement from a Vikings source on the Freeman signing and where Freeman stands right now on the depth chart. The statement reads:

"Josh Freeman is coming in as a backup quarterback for the time being. We have to see how he learns and have him adjust to our system. As long as Christian [Ponder] or Matt [Cassel] are having success, and the team is playing well, they’ll continue to run our offense. We wouldn’t make a change just to make a change. But, if we struggle as a team then we have to consider when we will put Josh on the field."

Well if that isn’t classic Spielmanesque gobbledygook I don’t know what is. Why bring in Freeman and pay him $3 million for the season if you mean him to sit? Matt Cassel is making $700,000 more but he is strictly a backup and everyone knows it including Cassel. Ponder is now the third highest-paid QB on the team and he’s injured and veterans spoke up pretty loudly after the Pittsburgh win about how different the feel was in the huddle with Cassel there over the leadership-challenged Ponder.

There’s no competition here kids. Ponder will either be cut or placed on IR and traded in the offseason with a year left on his deal. No statement to the contrary makes any sense whatsoever.

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