Fred Smoot Solicits Suggestions For “Okra Patch” T-Shirt Designs


Sep 15, 2011; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs former player Fred Smoot attends the game against Louisiana State Tigers during the second half at Davis Wade Stadium. Louisiana State defeat Mississippi State 19-6. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

After all these years, something good may finally come out of the Love Boat scandal. Leave it to Fred Smoot to finally find a way to turn that infamous negative into a positive at least for himself.

Let me explain. A couple months back Fred did a Reddit AMA and of course the Love Boat scandal came up. In the course of reliving that event, Fred made mention of a certain unmentionable and indescribable (at least on a family blog) sex act allegedly performed by Bryant McKinnie on a female “guest.” Fred then adorably explained that said sex act is known in his circle as “running through the okra patch.”

So fast forward a few months. Fred has seen the “running through the okra patch” line catch on as an internet thing at least in a small way. So Fred’s businessman mind starts churning and he thinks to himself, “Hey, why don’t I make a few bucks off this okra patch thing?” Next thing you know, Fred is on Reddit soliciting suggestions for okra patch t-shirt designs. Cause getting free designs from people off the internet is way cheaper than, you know, hiring someone to actually do the shirts?

I think this is a really wonderful thing for Fred and a wonderful thing for us. It gives Fred something to do with his copious free time, plus he’ll end up probably making a few bucks off it while at the same time screwing over whatever person is dumb enough to hand over the winning design suggestion for free. And why is it wonderful for us? We will be able to buy a really dirty t-shirt and walk around wearing it and most people won’t even know that it is dirty. Everybody wins in this equation. I just hope Fred remembers to send a few bucks Bryant McKinnie’s way. I mean he was the one doing the running through that particular okra patch, was he not?

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