Percy Harvin Could Return For Seahawks In Week 8


May 20, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) participates in organized team activities at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

And now a quick update on the status of former Vikings WR/KR/Headache Percy Harvin. As you know Percy has been unable to suit up as yet for the Seahawks after undergoing hip surgery, but things are reportedly headed in the right direction for Harvin and he may get back on the field as soon as next week. Harvin is expected to begin practicing with Seattle this week, which is funny because I don’t think he ever practiced once with the Vikings even when he was 100% healthy.

It’s not like the Seahawks are in some big rush to get Harvin back on the field. Things have been going well for that team even without the guy they coughed up multiple draft picks to acquire and $65 million to lock up. As long as Seattle can field that fearsome defense and have Russell Wilson running the show at QB, they will be a formidable team. Harvin’s presence just makes them a little bit scarier on offense.

I’m sure reactions will be mixed for Viking fans when they finally see Harvin get out there in a Seahawks uniform. Some will cheer for him and some will boo him, and some will go with the old “he’s not our guy anymore so I don’t care.” I personally will be glad to see Harvin play again, because I just enjoy watching him play football. He’s a unique player and you have to appreciate a guy with that kind of talent who plays with such reckless abandon. But I understand if some people hate his guts now. His exit from Minnesota was a tad ugly and frankly his attitude sucked when he was here.

And we have Cordarrelle Patterson now anyway, so it’s all good right? Or will be when he actually gets to play.

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