Jerome Simpson Facing Possible Prison Time After DWI Arrest


Sep 29, 2013; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark (25) and cornerback Ike Taylor (24) tackle Minnesota Vikings receiver Jerome Simpson (81) in the second quarter in the NFL International Series game at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jerome Simpson could be in deep doo doo after getting arrested for DWI over the weekend, and not just from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Simpson may actually face up to three years in prison if it’s determined that he violated his probation from a 2012 drug charge. Goodell is tough, but the law is tougher.

Simpson’s probation from the drug case, which involved Simpson mailing marijuana to himself in a move straight out of a stupid stoner movie, called for him to not use any alcohol or drugs for the duration. Obviously he violated that when getting tanked up and driving his car along I-394 in Minneapolis Saturday night. If Simpson’s Minnesota probation officer deems that he broke the rules, the case can be sent back to Kentucky, and Simpson could be called before a judge there for a hearing.

If the judge decides to revoke Simpson’s probation, the receiver could get up to three years in prison. Simpson served 15 days in the slammer for the drug charge initially and was hit with fines and community service.

Simpson’s one-year contract with the Vikings calls for him to be paid up to $2.1 million, but a lot of that money is now in jeopardy with Simpson facing possible suspension. So all Simpson stands to lose over this is a bunch of dough and three years of his life. That’s a stiff price to pay for a good time on a Friday night.

What’s wrong with root beer and Yahtzee, Jerome? Seriously.

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