Adrian Peterson Is Seeing a Foot Specialist


Dec 8, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) leaves the field with an apparent injury in the second quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

The Vikings are not yet ready to update Adrian Peterson’s status after his foot injury. Leslie Frazier said in his Monday presser that the Vikings will wait to gather more info from scans, MRIs and such before deciding what to do. In the meantime, Frazier says Peterson will consult a foot specialist.

Peterson’s injury is being characterized at this time as a mid-foot sprain. According to some stuff I’ve read from doctors, it’s not out of the question that Peterson could actually be dealing with turf toe or a Lisfranc injury. The foot specialist will clear all this up and hopefully give Adrian some idea of what he’s really facing.

Everything is speculation at this point, but I have to believe there’s a real possibility Adrian will be shut down for the season. There is no sense risking his future health with three meaningless games left on the schedule.

Convincing Adrian to shut down may not be the easiest task in the world, given the competitor he is. If Adrian can get out there and handle the pain, he will want to get out there, regardless of the conditions or what is on the line.

We love Adrian’s competitiveness. We love him trying to wave off the cart yesterday and walk off the injury. We love him mixing it up with Ravens fans on Twitter after the game.

But mostly we love him producing big numbers for the team and helping the team win. He can’t do that if he’s broken and crippled. So if the Vikings want to shut him down, I’m on board with shutting him down.

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