What Did Leslie Frazier Say During His Phone Call From the NFL?


Nov 17, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier during the second half against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Minnesota 41-20. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Monday morning, the NFL called up Leslie Frazier and spoke to him about the very questionable officiating during Sunday’s game vs. the Ravens. Frazier would not get into detail about what the NFL’s representative said to him during the phone call, but would only confirm that the call did indeed happen.

Luckily, The Viking Age was able to obtain a transcript of the phone call through our highly-placed NFL sources. This is that transcript, reproduced in its entirety.

Leslie Frazier: Hello?

NFL Rep: Hello Leslie. It’s [name redacted] from the NFL. How you doing today?

Leslie Frazier: Great. How you doing?

NFL Rep: I’m doing terrific.

Leslie Frazier: How are the kids?

NFL Rep: The kids are all fine. Thanks for asking. Little cold up there in Minnesota today.

Leslie Frazier: Little cold. Little cold.

NFL Rep: Look Leslie, why I’m calling is…

Leslie Frazier: Yeah? I think I know why you’re calling.

NFL Rep: Yeah. I need to talk about the officiating yesterday.

Leslie Frazier: Okay. I’m all ears.

NFL Rep: Look Leslie, I don’t really know what to say. I just…our guys kind of screwed you over out there.

Leslie Frazier: Yeah.

NFL Rep: No two ways about it. They did a bad job. That replay on the Gerhart fumble…

Leslie Frazier: What was going on there? Did you get any explanation on that?

NFL Rep: Look, our guy just flat-out missed it. Everybody could see his knee was down.

Leslie Frazier: It was snowing a little bit out there. Little bit hard to see maybe.

NFL Rep: Yeah I don’t know. The replay on TV was pretty clear. I don’t know what to say.

Leslie Frazier: That needs to get corrected. We can’t have that.

NFL Rep: You’re right Leslie, you’re right…

Leslie Frazier: You got to sit down with your guy and talk about that.

NFL Rep: You’re right Leslie, I’m not even going to argue with you.

Leslie Frazier: What about that spot? I had to throw a challenge flag on that one. You know I don’t like to throw that challenge flag. You get those wrong, they really rip you a new one.

NFL Rep: I know, I’m sorry. That was a bad spot. They missed it by a yard at least.

Leslie Frazier: Looked like a yard at least.

NFL Rep: But at least they got it right after the replay.

Leslie Frazier: They corrected the mistake.

NFL Rep: Yeah they did. That’s what replay is for. The system worked that time.

Leslie Frazier: Be nice to get that right the first time so I don’t have to throw that red flag.

NFL Rep: I know Leslie, you don’t like throwing the flag.

Leslie Frazier: I never like to throw that flag.

NFL Rep: Yeah. I got that. Speaking of flags, there were a couple interference calls that went against you too. We’ve got to apologize for that one on Greenway in the fourth quarter.

Leslie Frazier: That one stung. Wiped out an interception.

NFL Rep: I know. It shouldn’t have been called. It was incidental contact.

Leslie Frazier: Robert Blanton too.

NFL Rep: I hear you Leslie.

Leslie Frazier: Our man had position on that one. Don’t see how you can throw the flag on that one.

NFL Rep: Preaching to the choir Leslie.

Leslie Frazier: Got to get that corrected.

NFL Rep: Leslie, I don’t know what to say. We’re getting beat up over that game. They’re saying we ordered the refs to help out Baltimore. Why would we help out Baltimore?

Leslie Frazier: I don’t know, why would you?

NFL Rep: I don’t know. It’s just internet stuff. You know that.

Leslie Frazier: Yeah there’s some crazies out there.

NFL Rep: You know it.

Leslie Frazier: All they do is talk and talk. I wish I could find some of them turkeys and snap their necks.

NFL Rep: Hey, I didn’t hear that.

Leslie Frazier: If I ever get my hands on some of those writers I’ll stuff them in a wood chipper. If I ever get that Judd Zulgad alone I’ll tear his throat right out with my bare hands I swear to God.

NFL Rep: Hey Leslie, have you had your meds this morning?

Leslie Frazier: I’m so mad I’m shaking.

NFL Rep: Okay Leslie, I think I need to go now.

Leslie Frazier: That Souhan better stay away from me or I’ll kick his [expletive deleted] right up into his chest cavity.

NFL Rep: Hey, I think that’s a fire alarm. Well you have a good day Leslie.

Leslie Frazier: I get those guys in a room, I’ll correct all their mistakes. You hear what I’m saying?

NFL Rep: Yeah Leslie. You take care now.

Leslie Frazier: [expletive deleted]

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