Toby Gerhart Becomes a Dairy Farmer For a Day


Nov 24, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Toby Gerhart (32) rushes with the football during overtime against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. The Vikings and Packers tied 26-26. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a good thing for a person to leave their comfort zone now-and-again. Get out there and have some unusual experiences. Broaden their horizons a little. Toby Gerhart got to do just that on Tuesday when he hung out on a dairy farm in Hastings, Minnesota.

How did Toby Gerhart end up on a dairy farm in Hastings, Minnesota? His visit was the prize in the National Dairy Council’s “Show Your Pride” contest. The winning family, the Bremers of Hastings, submitted a picture of themselves on a couch all proudly decked out in Vikings gear with their cows in the background.

Next thing they knew, Toby Gerhart was in their barn, feeding and milking.

At first you probably think, Toby Gerhart, California guy, went to Stanford, probably not very experienced with things of a bovine nature. But Gerhart actually grew up in an area with a lot of animals, mostly horses but quite a few cows, so he’s not a complete newbie when it comes to such matters.

But still I’m guessing Toby hasn’t done a ton of milking in his life.

Michael Rand tagged along with Toby to get some video and ask some questions. He hit Toby with a query about which of his Vikings teammates would make the best and worst farmers. Toby pegged Chad Greenway and Jared Allen as the best, natch, and Christian Ponder as the worst.

“I don’t know if I see Ponder getting his hands dirty. He’s a quarterback. He’d try to be pretty or something,” Gerhart quipped.

Man, the hits just keep coming for Ponder.

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