Josh Freeman Would Consider Returning to Minnesota


Dec 8, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman (12) warms up before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Is the World’s Most Interesting Third String Quarterback ready for another go-around in Minnesota? After a year spent mostly sitting on the bench being “evaluated” by Rick Spielman and company, Josh Freeman told reporters he would absolutely consider coming back to the Vikings in 2014.

“I definitely have interest in coming back, for sure,” Freeman said. “It’s a great organization, a great team.”

Freeman seems not the least bit angry with the Vikings after they stashed him for most of the season. The whole idea with Freeman supposedly was for him to come in and rebuild his reputation after his ugly exit from Tampa Bay, but Freeman never got that chance after his turd-laying against the Giants.

No hard feelings even though the Vikings apparently derailed Freeman’s career rehabilitation process. I don’t know, maybe the $2 million tamped down his anger?

Freeman never complained. Not when he was benched after one start. Not when he was deactivated week-after-week. Freeman will give no explanation for what happened, but only says he is satisfied with the explanation he was given by coaches.

And he would consider coming back to Minnesota next year.

Why would the Vikings want Josh Freeman back after he gave them nothing for their $2 million? You’d have to ask Rick Spielman that. He’s the only one right now who knows anything about Josh Freeman. He’s been secretly evaluating Freeman all season.

No one else has been allowed to see Freeman. Oh my gosh, what if they turned him into a cyborg???

Is that the answer to the Freeman Riddle? Is he part of a secret project to turn a regular human football player into a bionic Super Player?

Or does he just really really suck and Spielman is embarrassed that he wasted a couple million bucks on him?

It’s one of those two. I’m leaning toward the second. I wish it was the first though. Cyborgs are the coolest.

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