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Johnny Manziel Partied With Drake After the Chick-Fil-A Bowl


photo credit: Instagram

Johnny Manziel slings the football around during the daytime, and at night he gets his party on. Here he is enjoying himself with Drake and Opie from Sons of Anarchy in the hours after the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

Johnny Manziel is good at playing quarterback. He is also good at enjoying himself. Some people think the second thing will hurt the first thing after he becomes a pro and has all that money at his disposal. And that’s why those people don’t want to draft him.

Other people point out that Johnny Manziel is not the first guy who was good at football and good at enjoying himself. Brett Favre also was good at those two things, especially early in his career before he “matured,” and there was no particular conflict. He still showed up for games. He still slung it. He still won. He is going to the Hall of Fame one day.

Still others point out that Manziel is probably never going to be a good traditional pocket passer and is too much of a risk-taker on the field and won’t be able to hold up in the NFL.

Here’s all I know: he’s never boring. Neither was Favre.

Downgrade Manziel for his size or his playing style or his throwing technique or anything else you want to downgrade him for that relates directly to his football skills. But downgrade him for not being a robot? That seems silly to me.

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