Brett Favre Has a Glorious Beard, Tells Awesome Stories


photo credit: twitter

I have no clue what will happen in Sunday night’s GoDaddy Bowl, but I’m guessing it won’t be as awesome as what transpired Friday at the GoDaddy Bowl Mayor’s Luncheon. As far as I’m concerned, the highlight of the GoDaddy Bowl already happened the second Brett Favre and his wondrous beard got behind the podium as keynote speaker at the luncheon.

I’d rather listen to Favre talk than watch a couple college football teams I’ve barely heard of play a bowl game in Mobile, Alabama on a Sunday night. Sorry, just me.

Favre talked for a half-hour at the luncheon, taking questions from the crowd and spinning yarns about his time in the NFL. It was classic Favre. The highlights:

Favre on Deion Sanders: “I threw, I think, four passes to Deion Sanders, and all four were touchdowns – that way. I think he picked me off twice for touchdowns in college and twice in the pros. Why you would throw at a guy like that I have no idea, but every time I would throw, I was reminded why I shouldn’t have thrown to him.”

On Warren Sapp: “I was never a talker. I would not rub it in because I knew we’d have to play again. But Warren was one of those guys you could be winning by 35 points and he was going to continually tell you he was going to kick your butt play after play. I’d say, ‘Warren, my goodness, we’re up 35 points.’ But it didn’t matter. He would always say, ‘You guys can’t block me.’ And he was right. We couldn’t block him. So who was the one who was receiving the hits on that? It was me. Not to mention to hear him talk. I can still hear him today.

On his Super Bowl touchdown pass to Andre Rison: “The (touchdown pass) in the Super Bowl was special because you sit in the room all week during Super Bowl week and you watch all these replays of past Super Bowls. By the time the game is actually for you, you know this recording play by play. I just remember (San Francisco quarterback) Joe Montana in the Super Bowl had checked to a play — they called it 59 Razor. We actually changed the number to 29 Razor. Our coach, Mike Holmgren, was actually the coordinator at San Francisco at the time. It was actually a check that was very rare. It’s a max protection. Everyone’s blocking but two guys — one runs the post, one runs the post-corner. He hit Jerry Rice for a touchdown, and I thought, ‘That would be awesome.’ I never checked to that play all year, honest to goodness. I thought that would be kind neat for that to happen. Lo and behold, second play of the game, I checked to 29 Razor and hit Andre Rison for a touchdown. So when you see me running with my helmet off, I’m thinking, ‘Can you believe I checked to this play?’ It was amazing. And it worked, which was even more amazing.”

Yes, Favre changed a play in the Super Bowl because he thought it would be “kind of neat.” And it worked.

Favre also addressed those rumors about the Rams calling him last year when Sam Bradford went down. “I could probably throw. I always joke with people: If they promise not to hit me, I might be able to play. I don’t know what that says about the state of the league. I’ve been retired for three years. I was honored to even be considered. Would I consider it? Absolutely not. I’d already retired enough and came back enough that I’d had my fill of it.”

Favre slings stories like he once slung footballs. And now he has a glorious silver Moses beard too. Can we please hire this guy as QB coach? Pretty please?


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