Chris Cook Among Least-Attractive Free Agent Cornerbacks (Per PFF)


Dec 22, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins (16) catches the ball and is tackled by Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook (20) in the fourth quarter of the game at Paul Brown Stadium. Cincinnati Bengals beat the Minnesota Vikings by the score of 42-14. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Sports

Not to pile on Chris Cook in the wake of his dismal season, but…oh heck with it, if a man can’t pile on Chris Cook, what’s the point of writing for a blog?

Chris Cook stinks. You already know this if you watched the Vikings all year. You don’t need Pro Football Focus to confirm with numbers and analytics and grades what your eyes undoubtedly already told you.

But it’s so satisfying to have that confirmation, isn’t it?

So yeah, here’s your confirmation: Chris Cook scored a -8.0 PFF grade this year, ranking him fourth-worst among free agent cornerbacks. Here are the bottom five:

1. Philip Adams, Oakland (-13.5)

2. Tracy Porter, Oakland (-12.4)

3. Richard Marshall, San Diego (-10.2)

4. Chris Cook, Minnesota (-8.0)

5. Charles Tillman, Chicago (-6.5)

Not a great year to be an Oakland cornerback. And poor Peanut Tillman. When it goes, it goes fast.

Now, just in the interest of amusement, I’m going to make a case why a team should sign Chris Cook in spite of everything.

Well, he’s still relatively young at 27. The argument could be made that he didn’t have the advantage of great coaching in Minnesota. And he was injured a lot this year. Plus you can get him cheap. At this point, real cheap.

Okay that’s the case for. Now here’s the case against. I hope all you teams with a need at cornerback are listening, cause this concerns you.

He’s hurt ALL THE TIME. He has a terrible attitude. His legal history is not encouraging. He’s pretty limited skill-wise. He basically can only be a zone corner. Any attempt to use him as a press corner will result in tragedy. He has no ball skills whatsoever. Oh and he’s never picked off a single pass in his entire career.

He seldom even gets that close to picking off a pass. You’d think sooner or later he’d get a lucky bounce or something.

If “having a nose for the football” is a real thing and not just some made up coach jive, then Chris Cook is the least “having a nose for the football” player possibly in the history of football.

All Cook can do is play off, let the guy catch it in front of him and tackle him. He’s an okay tackler. That’s about all you can say. He can’t cover really at all. And he’s a total wiener.

So if you want a guy like that, by all means, sign him to a contract. Maybe he just needs the right coach to put him straight. Or maybe he is just a dreadful football player and the Vikings are lucky they’re finally free of him.

Going with door #2 on this one, Monty.

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