Would Mark Sanchez Start For the Vikings?


Aug 24, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) walks off the field with a shoulder injury in the fourth quarter against New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Munson/The Star-Ledger via USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets are headed toward releasing their long-time QB Mark Sanchez, and believe it or not there is a market developing for Sanchez even before he hits free agency. In fact, one unnamed NFL coach has said he not only would sign Sanchez, but that Sanchez would be the best QB on his roster right now.

“We’d take Sanchez,” the coach told the New York Post. “He’d be the starter as soon as he walked in the door for us.”

Not only is Sanchez coming off a bad run in New York, he’s currently not even healthy. Even with a bad shoulder, Sanchez is considered a viable option as a potential starter.

Which team is so desperate for a quarterback they would not only sign Sanchez but would consider him the starter on day 1? It couldn’t be the Vikings could it? Mike Zimmer didn’t tell the New York Post he would sign Sanchez?

It seems unlikely. Then again…

Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder.

Stack Mark Sanchez up against Matt Cassel or Christian Ponder and suddenly it doesn’t seem so outrageous that the Vikings might be discussing signing Mark Sanchez.

Yes, Sanchez regressed over his time in New York. But there were extenuating circumstances. He didn’t exactly have a ton of receiving weapons there. He didn’t always have a consistent running game behind him. The organization didn’t always show a lot of faith in him.

Sanchez could be the classic case of a guy who just needs a change of scenery. In Minnesota, he would have a running game, some pretty good receiving weapons and Norv Turner. And no more New York media breathing down his neck every second.

So no, it’s not completely outrageous to suggest that Sanchez could be on Minnesota’s radar. I personally don’t believe Mike Zimmer blabbed about Sanchez to the New York Post or anyone else though. I don’t think the Vikings are the mystery team that wants Sanchez.

I think they’d keep an open mind and consider Sanchez. But they’d consider other people too. And I think if Sanchez came in with Matt Cassel and Ponder, there would be an open competition in camp. Sanchez would not be the starter on day 1.

Yes, Sanchez would have a shot to win that competition. But it would not be a slam dunk.

The fact that we’re sitting here talking about Sanchez at all sort of tells you how dire the QB situation has become in Minnesota. And how thin the free agent market is at QB.

Here’s hoping the Vikings do solve their QB situation this offseason…by drafting the guy who will lead them for the next ten years.

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