Chris Kluwe Threatens Lawsuit Against Vikings


Aug 30, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (5) punts against the Houston Texans in the second quarter at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Kluwe vs. Minnesota Vikings is far from over. In fact, the situation is now set to escalate into the litigation phase.

On Thursday the team announced that Kluwe’s nemesis Mike Priefer will stay as Vikings special teams coach, and Kluwe now likely will sue. At least that was the indication from Kluwe’s lawyer, who spoke to a Twin Cities media figure about the team’s decision to retain Priefer.

Kluwe’s lawyer Clayton Halunen used strong language in denouncing the Vikings’ decision to keep Priefer on board. Kluwe accuses Priefer of using homophobic slurs in the Vikings’ locker room, and says the team’s decision to fire him as punter had nothing to do with performance but was rather motivated by personal animus.

Kluwe claims to have proof of Priefer’s bigoted remarks in the form of text messages from teammate Blair Walsh. Halunen now also claims Priefer discriminated against Kluwe on religious grounds.

Neither Kluwe nor the Vikings would offer comment on the situation, citing the on-going investigation into Priefer.

The Vikings’ decision to retain Priefer is being read by some as vindication for the coach. Priefer has received open statements of support from multiple Viking players including Blair Walsh.

Kluwe’s lawyer indicated that he does not believe in the validity of the team’s investigation, and said he thinks the Vikings mean to cover up the whole affair. The investigation is expected to wrap up some time in late March.

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