has Tarvaris Jackson at #3 in their rankings has Tarvaris Jackson at #3 in their rankings

PFF Ranks the Free Agent QBs, and It’s Pretty Sad


Nov 17, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson (7) throws during pregame warmups against the Minnesota Vikings at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

How terrible a year is it for free agent QBs? Pro Football Focus has Tarvaris Jackson at #3 in their rankings.

Yes, T-Jack as the third-best free agent QB. Right behind the ever-injured Michael Vick and the ever-enigmatic Josh Freeman.

Josh Freeman at #2? It’s a horror show.

Let’s run down this less-than-inspiring top 10 and look at how each guy might fight into the picture for the Vikings as they seek to patch together a team for 2014.

1. Michael Vick (PFF Grade: -0.2)

A part of me still thinks it’s inevitable that Vick will end up on the Vikings. A sad, miserable, broken part of me.

2. Josh Freeman (PFF Grade: -13.0)

A part of me still thinks Rick Spielman loves Josh Freeman and wants to bring him back and see what Norv Turner can do with him. But all indications are that Freeman was a massive turd last year and the Vikes want nothing more to do with him.

3. Tarvaris Jackson (+3.4)

How does T-Jack go from being a near-wash-out to the #3 free agent QB option? Simple: he’s barely seen the field in several years. Everyone’s forgotten how much he truly stinks. So he’s a no.

4. Matt Cassel (-5.2)

All due respect to PFF, but there is no way T-Jack is a better QB option than Cassel. Either as a potential starter or a backup. The Vikings will talk to Cassel’s agent at the combine and I still think there’s a good chance he comes back to run the show for a year or two while the Vikings grow a young guy.

5. Josh McCown (+16.6)

I get why people are intrigued with McCown. He played well last year in place of Jay Cutler. But as a starter? No. A backup, yes.

6. Chad Henne (-21.0)

Does nothing for me as either a backup or a possible starter. I mean he’s better than Ponder I guess but so what?

7. Rex Grossman (0)

We already have him in the form of Christian Ponder. So no.

8. Matt Flynn (-11.0)

Flynn is the guy you wind up with if everything else falls through and you just need someone. Take him away from the Packers and he’s dogmeat, basically.

9. Colt McCoy (0)

Now we’re in the area of players who are just hanging on by their fingernails. Maybe as a backup.

10. Derek Anderson (-0.1)

This is a joke, right? He’s not still in the league.

This list will get a major infusion of talent when Mark Sanchez is cut by the Jets. Just kidding, Sanchez stinks.

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