2014 NFL Draft Profile: Kelvin Benjamin, WR Florida State


Jan 6, 2014; Pasadena, CA, USA; Florida State Seminoles wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin (1) catches a touchdown pass over Auburn Tigers cornerback Chris Davis (11) during the second half of the 2014 BCS National Championship game at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin possesses a lot of natural ability and physical gifts.  He can use his 6’5″ frame to outjump most defensive backs for the ball or use his speed to run right by them.  With that size and his ability to block well down the field, he can sometimes be mistaken for a very athletic tight end when he’s on the football field.

He creates an automatic mismatch for defenses.  His size and speed make him a legitimate threat to score on a deep route at any time or make a play in the red zone in a clutch situation.  His long arms make it even more difficult to defend him.  Sadly, he can take easy catches for granted and make some drops that should be fairly easy catches.

Although he’s a bit raw when it comes to route running, teams will overlook that when they see his raw talent and physical tools in action.  He could be a late first round selection in this year’s draft.

Here are his statistics over two seasons at Florida State:

Feb 21, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida State Seminoles wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin speaks to the media in a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

28 games played

84 catches

1506 receiving yards

19 receiving touchdowns

2 rushes

33 rushing yards

Benjamin’s second year at Florida State was by far his most impressive.  He got 15 touchdowns that year and added over 1,000 receiving yards.  When teams talk about a big play wide receiver, they’re talking about a guy like this.


  •  Incredible catch radius
  • Excellent break away speed
  • Great in jump ball situations
  • Good run blocker
  • Big hands


  • Raw route running
  • Catches with his body too often
  • Drops too many passes when anticipating contact

Fit For The Vikings

Although Benjamin would be a welcome addition to any team, Minnesota would be best to pass on Benjamin since they already have Jennings and Patterson to start on the outsides.

My Take

I would pass on Benjamin with a first round selection.  He will go to a team in need of a deep threat or jump ball wide receiver before the Vikings even consider him.