Draft Rumors: Browns Love Derek Carr, Not Johnny Manziel


Dec 7, 2013; Fresno, CA, USA; Fresno State Bulldogs quarterback Derek Carr (4) prepares to throw a pass against the Utah State Aggies in the third quarter at Bulldog Stadium. The Bulldogs defeated the Aggies 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Amid all the pointless mock draft rehashing, repetitive combine evaluating and absurd Twitter hand-wringing – Ron Jaworski said something bad about Johnny Manziel, how dare he??? – at last, a juicy insider tidbit.

Like most that is juicy right now in the NFL, this tidbit involves the Cleveland Browns. Daniel Jeremiah dropped it on Dan Patrick’s show.

Jeremiah says the talk about the Browns taking Johnny Manziel at #4 is smokescreening and the Browns truly covet Derek Carr. Here is the full clip:

You can have all your Mike Mayock gushing, give me one Dan Patrick dinner anecdote. That’s where the real stuff comes from.

So if Jeremiah is correct and the Browns truly do covet Carr over Manziel, what does that really mean?

The Browns aren’t going to use their #4 overall on Carr. They are hoping Carr falls to 26.

But what if some GM were to convince Cleveland that his team really loves Carr and is looking to take him high in the first round?

Derek Carr to the Vikings at 8?

Let’s play a fun little game. Let’s watch the Twin Cities media over the coming weeks and see how many columnists put out stories about the Vikings being high on Derek Carr.

Just going on past experience, I’d be willing to wager money that Sid Hartman and Bob Sansevere will both hear from “sources” that the Vikings love Carr and are considering taking him at 8.

I don’t know though. I don’t think even Rick Spielman is a good enough bluffer to get the Browns to trade all the way up to 8 with him.

I know Rick has fleeced them in the past but it’s a new regime in there. And 26 to 8 is a big leap.

If Rick can pull that one off, he truly will have earned the Slick Rick moniker.

Be even better if he could bluff the Browns into panicking and taking Carr at 4, causing someone like Bortles or Bridgewater to drop to 8.

But we know the Browns never panic and do dumb stuff.

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