Chris Cook’s Parting Shot Shows What He Is All About


Oct 27, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook (20) signals an incomplete pass after breaking one up intended for a Green Bay Packers wide receiver in the third quarter at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Packers win 44-31. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Cook is being his usual gracious, humble, taking-the-high-road self.

The cornerback is now officially a former Minnesota Viking, having signed a free agent contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Often when players leave teams they will take a moment to thank the organization they’re leaving behind, thank the fans, thank the city.

Sometimes players even go the extra mile and take out an ad in the newspaper, just to show their appreciation.

What did Chris Cook do after news broke of his signing with San Francisco?

Did he thank the Vikings? Thank Rick Spielman? Thank the fans? Bid a fond farewell to the Twin Cities?


He went on Twitter, his favorite place to vent, and took a veiled shot at the team that for the last four years paid him handsomely to play football (even though he was often hurt and seldom effective even when not hurt).

“Judge my actions from here on…my past is my past,” Cook tweeted, in obvious reference to his arrest for domestic assault several years back.

Forget that you slammed a woman’s head against the wall so hard she lost some hearing? Okay Chris.

Cook went on, “Thanks to the warm welcome from the 49er faithful .. I look forward to contributing to the winning tradition.”

Winning tradition? Implying no doubt that the Vikings are losers.

“This is one of my happiest moments,” Cook tweeted. “No lie.”

Yup, that’s Chris Cook all the way. The guy who showed little or no remorse after being busted for domestic violence. The guy who got burned so bad by Alshon Jeffery last year, he basically melted down on a ref and was ejected from the game.

What did you expect? Maturity?

Okay then, how about a little bit of gratitude at least? The Vikings organization, after all, did not have to stand behind Chris Cook after his arrest. They did not have to put their reputation on the line and keep Cook on the roster.

Sure, the Vikings had selfish motives for standing behind Cook. They would not have done so had he not represented value to the franchise. But still, they made that choice, and he owes them at least a little thanks for hanging themselves out there.

But, from Cook, no sign that he is grateful or appreciative. Just a shot at the Vikings’ tradition.

Cook is apparently bitter, and I don’t really understand why.

Is he angry because coach Mike Zimmer chastised him for tweeting about their private phone call? Is he mad because the Vikings didn’t offer him a contract?

Is he upset at the fans for giving him grief? All those haters he’s always railing against? Really Chris? A few negative tweets and you rip the entire tradition of the organization that brought you into the league?

Chris Cook’s skin is apparently as thin as his coverage. His ego is apparently as brittle as his body.

The passive-aggressive “joining the winning tradition” shot is what got me. Okay Chris, the Vikings don’t have a bunch of rings like the 49ers.

Maybe the reason the Vikings have no “winning tradition” is because they keep ending up with players like you?

Someone remind Chris that with that Niners “winning tradition” comes a certain rigorous standard. You don’t live up to that standard, they will get rid of you.

Think Jim Harbaugh will be as easy on you as Leslie Frazier? Good old Leslie Frazier who would rather have dipped his head in boiling fat than bench anyone?

Trust me Chris, Harbaugh won’t be a push over like Frazier.

The Niners will not give Chris Cook as many chances as the Vikings did. Someone tell him this. He had better perform, or they will find someone else.

Sure Chris, this is a new chance for you as you also tweeted today. My advice is not to squander it. Because it will be the last one you get.

Your last chance to prove you can play on the field, and prove you can stop being a POS off it.

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